10 reasons for «Being Reiki»

10 reasons for «Being Reiki»
First of all I want to clarify the concept «Being Reiki» normally when we start any kind of path that is in work, family, personal or religious tend to talk to our friends, family or colleagues with phrases like:
I go to work
I go to the gym
I go out with / the girl / boy
I go to the movies
As you have seen are all material things, outside of our being, unlike the concept «Being Reiki» which means that at any time of day must be in a state of calm, self-control, free from stress, anxiety and worries . What do I mean? That the only way to be Reiki is always, why do meditation every day for 10 minute session is useful yes, but being in a meditative state all day is another matter entirely. It takes time to learn, understand and practice, but everyone can «Being Reiki«

Here are the reasons for reiki

1: more energy
2 more physical and mental health
3: increase in memory
4: more self-control
5: increase in cognitive abilities
6: free from stress
7: cleansing of the soul
8: reiki treatment to animals, plants and drugs (first level)
9: treatment for people (from the second level)
10: Resolve difficult situations through meditation

Endi Bresci Lightarian Reiki Master

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